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Open for dine-in, curbside pick up, and online ordering. 

Kannah Creek brewing company is proud to be a part of

the 5-star variance protection program. 

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We have a beer for everyone!

At Kannah Creek, we take pride in the line-up of approachable craft beers we offer. We always have 14 beers on tap at both locations. Ask your server to see what's on tap today!

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Kannah Creek Brewing Company
1960 N 12th Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Open Every Day 11 am - 8 pm 
Dine-in, Pick-up, Curbside Pick-up or Grubhub Delivery
Kannah Creek's Edgewater Brewery
905 Struthers Avenue
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Open Every Day 11 am - 7 pm  
Dine-in, Pick-up, Curbside Pick-up or Grubhub Delivery
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In compliance with Mesa County Public Health regulations and Service Animal Guidance, pets and emotional support animals are not allowed on our patio or grass areas. Only trained service animals are welcome. 

We all love furry friends, but we have to follow the rules. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

For further information on the difference between these animals, please visit the Mesa County Public Health website.  

Kannah Creek Brewing Company & Edgewater Brewery



We opened Kannah Creek Brewing Company because Jim discovered that he had a real talent for brewing beer, and we wanted to share that. Having lived in big cities together, we liked the slower pace and easier lifestyle that Grand Junction, Colorado had to offer — not to mention the access to pristine mountain water flowing from our brewery's namesake. It takes pure, quality ingredients to make great beer and great food; for these, Colorado's Grand Valley is the land of plenty. 

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for our community's support and for our staff's loyalty and hard work throughout the years. Bringing our neighborhood brew pub dreams to life wouldn't have been possible without you.  

Each year, we partner with local non-profit organizations to host fundraising events. Giving back to the community, by simply doing what we do best, is our true joy. 

We're grateful to you for making Kannah Creek Brewing Company & Edgewater Brewery your place to celebrate, to spend quality time together,  and to recount stories from your Western Colorado adventures. We open our doors and raise our glasses to you, Grand Valley residents & visitors. We look forward to seeing you here again soon. 


Jim & Bernadette

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