What's On Tap

Main Stays:

These beers are brewed year round and can always be found on tap at all three locations. Each restaurant will have a variety of seasonal and specialty beers on tap as well.

Island Mesa Blonde
Our Blonde is a traditional English ale.  A light golden hue, subtle hoppy flavor and dry crisp finish make the Island Mesa Blonde our lightest beer in color and taste.  This is a great choice for people new to craft brewed beer.
5.2% ABV   25 IBU

Highside Hefeweizen
A traditional German style wheat beer, our Hefeweizen is unfiltered.  A unique Bavarian yeast strain produces distinct clove and citrus flavors as well as a banana aroma.  The Highside Hefe is a crisp and refreshing example of a classic style.
5.25% ABV   20 IBU

Lands End Amber
Deep copper in color, this German style Altbier is a remarkable beer with a crisp clean finish.  Lands End Amber balances the rich character of specialty malts with the mild aroma and bitterness of three hop additions.
5.5% ABV   28 IBU

Standing Wave Pale Ale
Rich amber in color with a distinctive hoppy characteristic, the Standing Wave Pale Ale is brewed in a traditional English style with Crystal malts and a select variety of American hops.
5.5% ABV   50 IBU

Broken Oar IPA
Modeled after the traditional British India Pale Ale, our Broken Oar IPA is deep golden in color with big malt flavors balanced with a strong hop finish.  We dry hop this beer with Cascade and Centennial hops to provide a noticeable floral aroma.
6.5% ABV   80 IBU

Pigasus Porter
The Pigasus Porter is dark brown in color with an emphasis on chocolate and roasted barlety, rounded out by a pleasant coffee finish.  Surprisingly light bodied, this beer drinks lighter than it looks.
4.75% ABV   25 IBU

Black’s Bridge Stout
Black’s Bridge Stout draws it character from its malt profile.  This American style stout is nitrogenated, giving it a smooth milky quality complimenting its assertive chocolate, coffee and roasted flavors.
6% ABV   40 IBU

Rotating Seasonals and Specials

Vertical Drop

A complex malt driven ruby red ale balanced with a light hop bitterness.  Enjoy this robust seasonal after an exhilarating day in the great outdoors.

6.2% ABV   40 IBU

Das Doppelbock

A traditional strong dark bock lager weighing in at over 7% ABV. A warming beer perfect for cooler temps. Caramel and toffee aroma leads to tones of dark stone fruits , but the sweetness in the beer is perfectly balanced by a light hop bitterness and carbonation that refreshes the palate. Pair this beer with sweet or savory foods to enhance their flavor or match with spicy dishes to cut the heat.

Chocolate Saison

Deep chocolate notes compliment the complexity that unmistakably belongs to the saison style. Rich, tart, and full bodied. 

Biere de Garde

"Beer for Keeping"
This farmhouse ale was inspired by those from the North of France. The light and sweet toasted malt flavor is balanced by a low hop bitterness and mild spice aroma. This allows the Saison yeast to shine displaying notes of citrus, pepper, and spice.
ABV 6.7% IBU 20


ESB stands for extra special bitter.  This style is known for its balance and interplay between malt and hop bitterness.  The yeast contributes subtle fruitiness to the aromatics and flavor.  The residual malt and defining sweetness of this richly flavored bitter is medium. 

5% ABV   30 IBU

Edgewater Brewery

Vertical Drop

A complex malt driven ruby red ale balanced with a light hop bitterness.  Enjoy this robust seasonal after an exhilarating day in the great outdoors.

6.2% ABV   40 IBU

Demise of Ivan

A traditional Russian Imperial Stout brewed with European specialty malts and hops, molasses, and an English ale yeast. This complex beer was aged for 9 months in Peach Street Distiller’s bourbon oak barrels bringing out notes of tobacco, raisins, figs and subtle undertones of dark cherry.
11% ABV 45 IBU

Baltallica Baltic Porter

This limited release is a traditional Baltic Porter brewed with European hops and specialty malts. Baltallica is fermented and conditioned for three months with a Munich lager yeast strain.

9% ABV   40 IBU

Biere du Framboise

A Flanders-inspired reddish-brown, session style sour with subtle notes of raspberry.

4.9% ABV 20 IBU

Hop Citrus Zest Sour

Hop forward American session sour ale with citrus zest.
5% ABV   50 IBU

Peach Sour

Session Belgian blonde ale kettle soured and infused with peaches.
ABV 4.7 IBU 18